Mrs. Kaye D. Hunt » Grading Procedure

Grading Procedure

All grades will be based on learning targets from standards.  

 100– You have mastered the concept and have explained thoughts thoroughly.
 90 – You definitely understand the concept, but made minimal mistakes.
 80 – You understand the concept, but are missing skills (shown work).
 70 – You mostly got it, but you are still stuck on some parts.
 60– You have an idea of what to do, but still need a lot of work.
 50 – You tried the skill but it wasn’t on the right track.  Ask for help!
  0 – You left the question blank…ask for help right now!!

Reassessment Policy

Reassessments will be available after each unit test for students who did not master the concepts. 

Requirements for Reassessments:

       1) Student must fill out Request to Reassess Form.
       2) Students must demonstrate 2 ways effort was made to improve understanding.
       3) Parent must sign Request to Reassess Form.
       4) Student must schedule time with teacher (during Wildcat or tutoring) to complete Reassessment.
       5) Reassessment grades replace original, regardless of outcome.