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  • Matthew Baldwin
  • I attended UNC-CH and earned a BS-ST. I have been teaching science in for 20 years in NC and WY
  • I am available each day from 7:45-3:15.
  • Semester 1: 1st- Honors Biology, 2nd- Planning, 3rd- Biology, 4th- Earth Science
  • Semester 2: 1st- Honors Physics, 2nd- Earth Science, 3rd- Planning, 4th- Earth Science
  • All Students are expected to respect the teacher, their peers, and themselves at all times. I expect all students to pass the class and to be proficient on the state exam
  • Important dates will be sent via Remind 101
  • Grading: Major works count 60% and Minor work 40%. The final exam counts 20% of your final grade.