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College Financial Aid

College Financial Aid
There are several different types of $$$ students can receive that are considered Financial Aid.  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be completed to qualify for federal loans and grants.
See information below.
Types of Different Aid
Two types: Merit Based & Need Based Scholarships
Does not need to be paid back.
Usually need based and received through completing FAFSA-
Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
Does not need to be paid back.
These do have to be paid back so only take out as much as you need.
Try to only take out federal loans since they have lower interest rates.
Subsidized Federal Student Loans
Federal government pays interest while you are in college
Unsubsidized Federal Student Loans- Interest is added to loan the minute you take out loan. Some students pay the interest while they are in college so you aren't paying "interest on interest."
Direct PLUS Loans- Loans made to both students and parents. Based on credit history.
Perkins Loans- Loans made by schools for students with exceptional financial need.
Work Study
Student works on college campus in exchange for money used for college expenses.
Check out the College and Career Center for more financial aid information.