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Requesting Transcripts

Requesting Transcripts
If you are a current student or have graduated in the past two years or contact your school counselor.
Enrolled Students
Transcripts are free. Please give a few days notice for us to print them and have them ready. We mainly provide these for scholarships, programs, or out of state universities. If you are applying in-state, please use to send your transcript electronically. Your counselor can show you how to send your transcript or click on the link below:
Graduates within 2 years
We can still provide you a transcript, but the cost is $2. Please call for us to print your transcript and pay when you pick up. We do not have a way to pay by credit or debit card at this time. Please contact the high school office at 336-242-5700 or email [email protected]
Older than 2 years
Please use the link below to request a transcript: