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Meet the Career Coach

Hello, my name is Kirsten Stovall and I am the new Career Coach at South Davidson High School! I am employed by Davidson-Davie Community College but I am stationed at SDHS Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30 pm. I will be at Davidson-Davie Community College on Fridays but I am available via email or Google Meet! My primary purpose is to help students determine career goals & identify college programs or job placement that aligns with their career pathway to help them achieve their goals. 
I am available to meet with students before school, directly after school, or during their Wildcat period. Students who would like to schedule a meeting should email [email protected]
How Can I Help You?
1. Career Exploration- Students, if you are unsure of what you want to do after high school, I can send you some different career assessments. The results will show you careers that might be a good fit based on your interests. We will review the results to determine a career pathway that works best for YOU!
2. Provide Workshops- Workshop topics can include Building your Resume/Cover Letter, Soft Skills in the Workplace, Interview Preparation, Career Development, and MUCH more! 
3. Apprenticeships, Job Shadowing/Internships, & Local Jobs- I will be working closely with Mrs. Holt, CDC at South Davidson, to establish different types of internships/job shadowing opportunities for students as well as advertise local job opportunities. 
4. Serve as a Resource for DDCC- Are you interested in attending Davidson-Davie Community College? Schedule an appointment with me and we can see how DDCC can align with your career goals! I can also help you schedule a campus tour and connect you to admissions and financial aid. 
A little about me...
I was born and raised in Randolph County. In addition, I am a first generation college student and I earned my Associate in Arts from Randolph Community College, my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from NC State University, and in 2020 I graduated with my Master of Arts from UNCG.  
Choosing a career path can be a tough process so I am excited to help students navigate that process and inform them about opportunities and resources that are available to them!