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Teacher Information

Art beginning is an introductory art class for students with little to no prior experience in the visual arts.  In art beginning students will be introduced to a variety of artistic media, they will study artists and movements, art in various cultures, and will gain basic foundations of drawing, painting, and design. 

Art intermediate is a course designed for students who have taken and showed success in art beginning.  In art intermediate students will be involved with a variety of artistic media, they will thoroughly examine famous artists and the movements their art was involved in, and they will begin creating full artist compositions with understandings of the elements of art and principles of design.  Unlike art beginning; art intermediate focuses on artistic creativity and interpretation, meaning students will need to put more effort and thought in to their work. 

Art proficient honors is for students who have excelled in art beginning and art intermediate and are serious in continuing their studies in the visual arts.  Art proficient honors focuses on art production, portfolio development, research, writing and critique.  We more deeply explore concepts covered in art beginning and art intermediate.  Students will be expected work more independently on projects and will be encouraged to go above and beyond project specifications.  

I teach using the flipped classroom model.  This means students will complete instructional modules and lesson online using Canvas.  As the entire course is online, it is accessible from home.  If you are absent please follow along in canvas so as not to get behind.  Students will complete instruction in class.  If a student cannot complete all assignments during class time, they may work on them at home and turn them in the following day.

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  • Sketchbook: It needs to be minimum of 8” x 12” (any smaller will not be useable in class.)  And it needs to be either hard bound or spiral bound.  Ones that are not fall apart.
    • Art beginnings will need an additional small sketchbook for a class project.
    • Art proficient will need an old used book.
  • Pencil: #2 wooden or mechanical. YOU MUST HAVE THIS EVERY DAY.
  • 12 inch ruler
  • Hand held pencil sharpener. Metal preferred.
  • Eraser: Kneaded or vinyl. DO NOT BUY THE PINK ONES.  They don’t work with all of our media.
  • Colored Pencils: I recommend a 24 pack (more colors means more versatility.)  The only brands I will accept are Crayola, prismacolor, prang, Derwent, and reeves.  DO NOT BUY CRAY-Z ART THEY ARE GARBAGE.
  • Poster board: 2 pieces of LARGE poster board. Colors, prints, etc are fine.  DO NOT BUY HALF SHEETS. (Art 1 Only)
    • Art Int-Adv Portfolio: cloth or heavy weight and waterproof paper.



Brushes: small round brushes (as shown in class) are the best.  They will be the most versatile for what we will use them for.  Brand and quantity are up to you.  The brands I use are loew-cornell and royal, they are economical, long lasting, and easy to use.  Sets of brushes are the best value.  We will have brushes in class but the selection will be limited. 


Donations: (can be sent in at any time.each item will earn 10 points extra credit-Limit 100 points worth or 10 items)

  1. SOAP
  2. Clorox wipes
  3. Plastic cups
  4. Black sharpies (ultra fine or fine point)
  5. Plastic silverware (any kind)
  6. Aluminum Foil
  7. Dish Soap
  8. Paper plates