South Davidson High Faculty Directory

South Davidson High School

Faculty Directory


Mike Lawson, Principal

Rhonda Gallimore, Assistant Principal

Office Staff:

ReneeAnderson, Bookkeeper

Vanessa Gallimore, Data Manager

 Raylene Morris, Reception/Guidance

English Department

Rhonda Dillingham

Cheree Loflin

Kelli Pendergrass

Carey Sink

Juanita Smith

Science Department

Matt Baldwin

Kristin Coloton

Eric Tippett


Social Studies Department

David Beaver

Kim Frizzell

Danny Hunt

Justin Paige

Math Department

Susan Gordon

Georgina Greer

Kaye Hunt

Nikki Russell

Career and Technical Education

Wes Butler

Ginger Hill

David Lanier

Gail Walker

Brooke Ayers Wheeles

Amy Yates

Fine Arts

Andy Browning

Carol Hinson

Katy Sweeney


Foreign Language

Lauren Suggs Benfield


Health and PE

Chad Ellington

Gabe Scott

Chris Simpson

Exceptional Children

Chieko Banjoko

Mandy Dublin

Connie Elkins, TA

Carissa Loflin


Student Services

Kevin Firquin, CIS

Randell Parks, CDC

Jeff Jennings, SRO

Melanie Johnson, SMC

Pam Parker, Guidance

Lisa Paul, Guidance

Bettie Perryman, Social Worker

Media and Technology

Mary Howell

Kellye Glidwell

Angie Owens

Jill Elberson  --  ITF