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​1st-Principles of Business
3rd-Principles of Business
4th-Personal Finance


Wes Butler
Available for conference from 10:00-11:00

Students will have a minimum of 4 major/test grades and at least 10 minor grades per 9 week period.  Students are also expected to complete 20 comprehension sheets, which will account for 3 major grades.  Each class is assigned a Google Classroom code for that particular section.  Please contact me directly for the class code if interested. 

If a student is absent, work is expected to be submitted within 3 school days.  If a test is missed, it is to be taken the next day that the student is present.  Ten points will be deducted each day after the deadline.

Since my spring afternoons will be dedicated to baseball, I am available to students from 7:00 AM until 7:55 AM on most days.  Please contact me to schedule time if it is needed.